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Branding Video



What is branded video?

Branding video is marketing content that’s sponsored or created by a brand that does not directly advertise or promote the brand.

It aims to monetize on the positive association, rather than self-promotion. So, while the branding video is not traditional advertising, it often shares the same end goal of driving audience action.

Branding video is the most popular marketing tool used by brands of any size.

And as proof of the correctness of this statement, the numbers are shocking in this regard:

86% of companies and brands use video as their primary content.

84% of consumers say brand video has prompted them to buy a product or service.

50% of the consumers who watch branding videos say it helps them make purchasing decisions

95% of brands and companies say video helps people better understand their offerings.

89% of bossiness and brands report high video ROI.

83% of marketers say branding video has contributed to lead generation and increase their traffic to the website

Branding videos are powerful tools for any content strategy. They appear your potential customers your company’s expertise, effectively communicate your brand message to your audience and can increase overall brand recognition.

No difference if you want to increase your brand exposure, generate more leads from your website, or simply promote your videos as part of your advertising campaign, call PlusAd we are ready to help.


Our Video Marketing Services include:

  • Professional video script copywriting
  • On-site shot consultation
  • Professional video design and filming
  • High-quality video production
  • Post your video on all social media platforms
  • Video graphic creation
  • Video SEO

Why are we the best at branding videos?


  • Because we are the first marketing agency that will listen carefully to your brand story and will try to create a video that tells that story in an effective way.
  • Because we will be with you from start to finish
  • The communication channels will remain open between us to get your opinion on the smallest details of your brand video
  • We will always strive to create meaningful and emotional connections with your existing clients
  • Our first goal is to design a video appropriate for your brand to ensure it spreads more


Branding Video: Your Way to Better Leads, More Sales, height ROI and Lifelong Customers.

Don’t think too much, contact us on the number, let’s start the journey of designing your brand’s video together


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